Benefits of Holding a Green Card

A US green card is different from other types of visas because it’s permanent. Once you hold a green card, you’re welcome to live in the U.S. indefinitely. The green card also comes with various other perks, which we have mentioned below!

The Freedom to Live in the US Permanently

The green card is a permanent residency visa — it gives you the right to live in the US permanently. The only thing you have to bear in mind is to renew your green card every ten years, which is a simple process.

If you wish to leave the US for longer than six months, you have to take legal steps to keep your green card, as leaving for longer than six months is seen as a wish to make another country your country of permanent residency.


The Ability to Apply for Work and Start Your Own Business

The green card gives you the right to apply for any job you like anywhere in the US. Some jobs require that you are a US citizen to apply, but those are few and far in between. For most jobs, a green card is all you need.

A green card also gives you the right to set up your own business(es).

The Ability to Sponsor Relatives

If you have been granted a green card, you can sponsor your immediate family members so that they can join you in the US. Once you’ve obtained green cards for them, they’re able to keep them, even if you lose your job, or pass away.

Social Security Benefits When Retiring

If you have worked in the US for ten years, or more, when you retire, you’re entitled to social security benefits

Ability to Apply for US Citizenship

After holding the US green card for five years, or more, you have the right to apply for US citizenship. A US citizenship gives you additional benefits, such as the ability to vote, run for office and leave the country for longer than six months at a time without having to go through any legal procedures.


Study for Less

If you wish to study at a university the tuition is usually less for in-state/resident students than it is for international students. With the green card, you count as an in-state/resident student. You can also apply for government-funded financial aid when you hold a green card.

Own Property

A green card gives you the right to purchase property in the US and, also, the possibility of obtaining financing (such as bank loans) for making purchases.

Ability to Get Insurance

With a green card, it becomes a lot easier to apply for different insurances, such as health and life insurance in the US.

Get Licensed

In some states, you can only get certain professional licenses, such as a real estate license, or insurance agent license if you have a green card or citizenship.