Green Card and its relation to Trump’s policy

Do you feel that your energy is running out because you are not taking advantage of your abilities? Do you have the feeling that you deserve a better standard of living and a better job? Do you have the feeling that you are not taking what you deserve for your experiences and your studies? So the time has come to leave and get a green card with US DV Experts!

Now admission to immigration by Visa Green Card has started, where you can go to the United States and start the life you have wanted to live since a long time ago, now you have the opportunity to start the right path towards your goal in life that you spent days tired to collect the experience to get it.

With the Easy Green Card Visa applying procedure, you will be able to migrate within months and obtain a US residence with the US government’s ease of access that will facilitate the start of your expatriate life.

US $ 55,000 per year is granted through the US DV Diversity Program, which allows eligible individuals and families to immigrate to the United States legally, for work and life.

Recently, serious consideration has been given to limiting applications and immigration to individuals with high personal abilities rather than to random lots. In some of Trump’s discussions and legal amendments, the subject will become more like the points you get as a result of your English language, your scientific qualification, your business, or a high-paid work contract.


Here are some of the advantages of migration by obtaining a green card visa

First, the person who gets the green card can, after 5 years of residence in the United States, apply for US citizenship.

1- The green card holder is no different from the American citizen in legal rights.

2 – Upon termination of the period of work and retirement the person gets the rights of retirees in America same as the American citizen, such as health insurance for retirees in America

3- Grant the person the right to permanent residence in the United States and to work freely and legally.

4- Append the children of immigrants who received green cards in American schools.

5- Joining any job in America as long as the job holder does not require that the employee be a US citizen.

6- Of course, you will have the advantage of living in an advanced society, taking your full rights, and being able to innovate and develop in American society.

7- Once you become a green card holder, you can travel outside the US and return freely. You can also travel anywhere within the United States where you want to go and live. If you plan to leave the country for more than six months, you just need to take some additional steps to protect your permanent residence.

8- If you are the green card holder of the United States, you can support your relatives to get their green cards. So you can ensure that your family is united in the United States and enjoy the same right to live and work in the United States.

9- For nonimmigrant visas, allowing you only a specific stay for a short period of time, you must apply for the extension of your stay. However, the green card gives permanent residence, so you do not usually need to worry about re-applying for your stay. Instead, you will only need to renew the green card every ten years, a very simple process.

Why waste your time while you have the chance to live a fulfilling successful life in the US? Apply now, so you won’t regret in the future what you have missed.


What will be required from you in order to begin your application process for the chance to win the green card?

All you have to do is to start filling in the form so it will be ready for submission with the required personal data and then wait for the result that might change your entire life for good. Winners are usually selected in February of each year.