Green Card Terms and Conditions

Many people are unhappy with the country they are living in, yet are too afraid to take the plunge and move elsewhere. Don’t be one of those people. If you have the possibility to obtain a green card — take the chance. If your dream is to live in the US, now it is the time to start making that dream a reality.

Below you will find out about the terms and conditions of the green card and information about the green card in general.


Green Card Eligibility

To apply for a US green card you need to be eligible for one of the immigrant categories established in the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) (you can read more about it here:, file the correct paperwork, have an immigrant visa immediately available and be admissible to the US.


Leaving and Entering the US on a Green Card

If you hold a green card, you may leave the US and re-enter any time you wish. However, you may need to provide special legal paperwork if you are leaving the US for six months, or more,  as to prove that you still wish to reside in the US. If you leave for over a year, you will lose your green card unless there are special circumstances.


Working in the US with a Green Card

 Having a green card makes you eligible to work in the US. There are only a few jobs that are an exception as they require you to be a US citizen.

If you are a green card holder you may also open your own business in the US.


Removal of a Green Card

 You may lose your green card if you:

  • Leave the US for prolonged periods of time.
  • Fail to file your taxes.
  • Call yourself a nonimmigrant on your US tax returns.
  • Perform aggravated felonies.
  • Fail to renew your green card (needed every ten years).


Benefits of the US Green Card

 There are many benefits of having a US green card. Apart from being able to live and work in the US, you can also:
  • Apply to have your spouse and children get residency.
  • Purchase property in the US.
  • Apply for Social Security, Supplemental Security Income, and Medicare benefits.
  • Join various branches of the US Armed Forces.
  • Apply for US citizenship after holding a green card for five years; three years if you received a green card as a result of a spousal visa.


Responsibilities as a Green Card Holder

When you have a US green card you are obliged to obey federal and state laws, pay your taxes, maintain your immigration status and carry proof of your green card with you at all times.


Replacing Your Green Card

If you have a green card that gets misplaced, damaged, or stolen, you need to replace it by filing the I-90 form. You also have to renew your green card every ten years.