The Best Jobs for Green Card Holders

As a green card holder, you have the right to live and work in America indefinitely and get the best Jobs for Green Card Holders. That means you can take any job you like, anywhere in the US. This could significantly increase your income and advance your career as the US job market is a big one and many companies are at the forefront of their industries.

As a green card holder, you can also set up any kind of business in America. That means that your entrepreneurial dreams are no longer limited by visas — you can finally set up your dream business. You just need to go ahead and incorporate it and get the best Jobs for Green Card Holders.

Career Advancement for Green Card Holders

An important thing to bear in mind is that as a green card holder you have the right to education in America. This means you can apply to any university to further your education and, therefore, your career.

As a green card holder, you get the same rates as resident/in-state students when doing courses at universities. This is often significantly cheaper than the rates international students have to pay. Another benefit of the green card is that you can apply for research grants, should you wish to do research in your field.


What Jobs Can Green Card Holders Not Apply For?

The only jobs you cannot apply for as a green card holder are ones that require you to be a US citizen (due to security reasons) — these jobs are few and far in between though.


Salary and Work Expectations in America

If you are thinking of applying for a green card, you may wish to find out what the salary expectations are in the US. Below we have listed some common jobs and the expected salary for them. We’ve also listed (where available) the rate of employment growth for that particular job, to help you understand the market better. If you wish to further educate yourself, it’s wise to choose a field where employment is on the rise.


Civil Engineer

On average a civil engineer earns $83k per year, with salaries ranging from $53k to $133k per year. The growth of the market for civil engineers is estimated at 8.4%.



The average salary for a physician/doctor of medicine is $186k per year. There are many different kinds of doctors, however. For example, a family practitioner, on average, earns $190k per year and the growth is estimated at 10.2%. A urologist, on the other hand, has an average salary of $206k, and the market is estimated to grow by 14.9%. Bear in mind, that if you trained abroad, you may need additional licensing to be able to practice medicine in the US.



The average hairdresser earns $24k a year in the US. However, salaries start at around $18k per year and go up to $49k per year, depending on where you work. If you train to become a senior stylist at a fancy salon, you can earn a lot more than working as a junior stylist in a small neighborhood salon. You also have the option of starting your own salon. The growth in demand for hairdressers is estimated at 9.8%.


Nail Technician

A nail technician in the US earns an average of $22k per year, with salaries starting from around $19k and going up to $33k. If you are looking to train for something fast and enjoy the beauty, working as a nail technician can be a good starting point in the US. The growth of the job market for nail technicians is estimated at 10.3%.



Salary expectations for teachers vary depending on what and where they teach. However, on average a kindergarten teacher makes $52k a year, an elementary school teacher $55k per year, and a high school teacher $58k per year. The growth in the market for teachers is expected at 5.8%. Bear in mind that you might need to do some further studying in America to be approved to teach at a school there.


Teaching Assistant

If you are looking to make your living as a teaching assistant you can expect to earn around $25k per year. The expected growth for the job market for teaching assistants is 6.4%.



The average nurse in America earns $66k per year. Of course, you can specialize as a nurse and increase your salary — salaries go up to $96k per year.



When you just arrive in a new country and need to find a job fast, waitressing is a great place to start. You can make it into a career and train in hospitality too, but as a starting point, waitresses/waiters earn $17k a year, with the average being $20k per year and the top jobs bringing in $38k per year.


Cab Driver

Apart from regular cab companies, you can now also work for services such as Uber and Lyft, either to make some extra income or have it as a full-time career. The good news? The market is on the up — it’s expected to grow by 13.1%!

A taxi driver earns on average $24k per year, but the starting salary is $19k, going up to $39k.



An accountant earns on average $68k per year and the market is expected to grow by a whopping 10.7%!


Financial Manager

A financial manager in the US makes a good salary — the average income is $121k per year and the market is expected to grow by 6.8%.