Welcome to the US DV Experts registration web application.

US DV Experts provide the following services:

Application Review – Our unique application review allows to pride ourselves with 100% success rate when it comes to submit a successful entry.
Your application is checked several times by a computer and human.
Your application process includes adjustments to comply with the requirements.

Photo adjustment service is provided and can be sent by post mail as well.

Application Submission – Your application will be submitted correctly and on time.

Application Re-Submission – We will submit your application for several DV lotteries in case your application is not successful – You may notify us on changes in your application like change of address or marital status.

Applicant Notification – We will notify you when your application was successfully submitted, when you win and when the application was not selected.

US DV Experts Support – Our best minds will overview your application process and will make sure you feel comfortable about everything.

Have ANY doubt? Please contact us, we’re here to help you win!