About Us – US DV Experts

We want you to win!

We are the US DV Experts – with years of proven track you can rest assure we will get you to the Green Card lottery program. Having to apply for the green card might be challenging, time consuming and might end with no-success very often. At US DV Experts we promise to go the extra mile for you so sit back and let us do what we do best – Apply for the Green Card Lottery.
Immigration to America has never been more accessible – at US DV Experts We want you to win!

Have any concern, question or issue? Feel free to contact our comprehensive customer support – we are here to help and make your application a winner!

We are committed to you and here is what we guarantee:
• 100% successful entry to the US DV lottery.
• Superb and experienced support crew to answer your question and assist with your application 24/7 by phone, email, fax or post mail.
• US DV Experts allows its clients to send photos by post mail.
• Made-For-You application process – Easy and quick to complete
• Application status follow up – We will notify you on the result of the Green Card lottery and advise on next step.
• High technology is used in all US DV Experts assets in order to maintain the best security level including strong SSL encryption and PCI compliance approved.